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North Cyprus

The unique natural beauties of Cyprus are a paradise full of unique history and treasures. Visitors to Northern Cyprus can find gold sand beaches, clean air, forests, antique homes and sun-bleached villagers. Cyprus has 350 days sun and attracts tourists from many countries with this feature. You can spend a relaxing and peaceful time in the TRNC with colorful spring and wild flowers, sparkling blue sea, historical places, warm and friendly people, delicious Mediterranean cuisine. There is absolutely an activity here for you to have a good time every month of the year.


The Turkish Cypriot has a talented and creative character and reflects it on foreign tourists visiting the country with art, handicrafts, concerts and music recitals throughout the year and many exhibitions. The Bellapais Monastery, where the Bellapais music festival is held, and the Olive Tree festival, which is held each year, are the best examples of these and these events are free of charge.


The winters are so short and start in the middle of December, it just goes a bit cool. Climate is the main reason for those who want to travel during the winter season. There is a mild weather during a long spring season which runs from February to May. At this time, you can see the most beautiful wildflowers along the pavements and roadsides, hidden in the wild nature orchards, with the colorful nature of the mountains. Temperatures start to rise in April-May Centers and if you like golden beaches, sunbathing, we can say never miss. Although underwater, scuba diving, and year-round activities, water sports are most popular in late June and summer months.


October and November are perfect months for hikes with mountain trails and untouched areas to explore. The weather is sunny, the mountain walk is about 20 degrees Celsius. You can live the Christmas spirit here, you can enjoy it as you like. Christmas celebrations usually take place in different places, especially in restaurants and hotels.

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